Bronislaw Huberman (1882-1947) was the most individual violinist ever to record.

The extreme characterisation of his interpretations brought him great fame particularly in Central Europe, but also the label of maverick.

Huberman’s admirers included Brahms, Dvorak, Joachim, Furtwängler, and Toscanini. Today, in an age of standardization, his playing constantly challenges our expectations.

Here you can download and listen to many of Huberman’s recordings. Decide for yourself if he deserves his notorious reputation.

New Huberman recording previously unpublished Adagio from Beethoven Sonata no. 6 has been released on the Japanese label Opus Kura 7019. The CD includes transfers of the 1945 Mozart 4 with Walter, and the Bach D minor Partita.

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Brahms autograph sold at Sothebys musical autograph to Huberman sold at Sothebys on 20 May for over ten thousand pounds. View the sale page at Sotheby's website.

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Brahms autograph for sale

In January 1896 Brahms wrote a musical dedication to Huberman after hearing him perform his violin concerto. Read about the note’s forthcoming sale at Sothebys in an article by Allan Crane.

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Classic Record Collector quarterly magazine Classic Record Collector featured Huberman in the Autumn 2004 issue, with photographs and several articles.

The main article (by Howard Smith and Tully Potter) can be read online at the magazine website,

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New transfers from metals

The electrical recordings of short pieces that Huberman recorded for the Columbia record company are being digitally transferred from the metal masters for the first time ever. The sound quality will be superior to all previous transfers taken from 78s.

If you wish to be informed when they are published, please  register in the forum.

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Numerous downloads include a recently discovered live radio broadcast. GO >

How to listen

Musical phrasing and interpretation was completely different 100 years ago. Learn how to understand it.


As a young boy he played to Brahms. Later, he recorded the Brahms concerto. Read about Huberman’s eventful life.


Read an interview with Huberman culled from several articles. GO >

Top photo: New York, 5 Dec 1896

Ticket: 27 Mar 1895, Musikverins-saal, Vienna